We Are Beams want to transform the lives of disabled children and their families in Kent and Medway. We want to give children and young people living with disabilities, greater independence and control of their lives and futures.

Our incredible staff support the whole family through our Short Breaks Service, Family Advice Service, Direct Payment Service and Dragon’s Retreat 6 bedded Respite Unit to make this happen.

By giving a gift this Christmas, you will ensure that we will be there for every child and family who may need our services in the future. 


Rosie’s Story

For our Christmas Appeal, we wanted to feature a family who have benefited from the services we offer. This brought us to Rosie.

For Rosie’s family, we have become a home from home, a lifeline offering advice, direct payment support and respite when needed most.

On discovering they were expecting a daughter, Graeme and Rosie were excited and fully of anticipation. Although Emily was born prematurely, they did not expect a Down Syndrome diagnosis. 

They left the hospital full of anxiety about the future.

“Life with a child with disabilities is filled with uncertainty, fear and frequent feelings of isolation”  says Rosie

As time moved on, it was discovered that Emily also had Autism, Epilepsy and suffers from allergies. It is Emily’s Autism which has proved to be her biggest challenge. Non-verbal and unable to understand what is happening around her, the family use pictures to communicate.

The family was referred to We Are Beams for support. 

“The whole team at Beams throw a life line when families hit rock bottom and can see no way out. Beams ‘get it’ and offer both emotional and financial advice” Rosie explains. 

This year, Emily turned 18 years old which will bring new challenges as they prepare to transition to Adult care.

“As we transition into adult care, I know my family and Beams have prepared Emily the best we can.

One thing I do know is that you could help this wonderful charity long into the future – for other parents who are going to need the help we have been offered for all these years”

Help us to support families like Rosie’s this Christmas by making a donation today.



Christmas at Beams

Our team have worked tirelessly to support our families through a difficult and challenging time. As the year comes to a close, we reflect and share with you, our plans over the festive season.

Family Advice at Christmas

In the months leading up to December, the team at family advice help parents to prepare for the festive season in support groups, and face-to-face clinics with ideas and tactics to survive Christmas. The team are there for families all year round but for some families Christmas is a particularly hard time of year, routines are changed and the general festive fun and excitement can become overwhelming for many children and leads to distress and upset. Click HERE to find out more about this service.

Short Breaks at Christmas 

Whilst Christmas should be a fun time for all the family, for some children with disabilities it is often upsetting and overwhelming. The experienced staff at Beams know the children and are able to adapt and provide fully inclusive Christmas activities in a calm and safe environment, allowing parents to spend time with other children or have a day off safe in the knowledge the child is being looked after. Click HERE to find out more about this service.

Direct Payments at Christmas

The Direct Payments Team at We Are Beams support parents to access Social Care and Education Direct Payment funding.  Many parents who employ Personal Assistants have faced exceptional challenges this year and Christmas will be no exception. The team have been there to support parents, giving guidance and support on Furlough, PPE and vaccinations to ensure PA’s could continue to work safely. Click HERE to find out more about this service. 

Payroll at Christmas

We Are Beams Payroll is an important service providing a quality, uncomplicated and competitively priced service for families to pay carers and employees. Throughout the Christmas Break, Payroll will be working hard to make sure all the PA’s, staff and carers are paid as usual despite the bank holidays. Click HERE to find out more about this service.


Decorate a Christmas Bauble

Help us bring smiles to the children this Christmas.

This year, we would love to fill our Christmas tree at our reception with beautiful paper baubles and messages from our supporters. Click here to download your printable bauble.

Please send your decorated bauble and your gift to We Are Beams, 38-40 St David’s Road, Hextable, Kent BR8 7RJ.

We will be posting pictures on social media to show our families and supporters, the beautiful baubles we receive. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a Christmas bauble and for kindly supporting our Christmas Appeal. 

Your gift will be greatly received.