We Are Beams is losing a great deal of fundraising income as we are not able to host any events, and community fundraising has slowed down due to the COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing.

Socialising is more important than ever after spending so much time in lockdown.

You can do this now by using social media or online platforms such as Zoom.

Stay connected, have fun, and chat with your friends and family while also supporting Beams.


Support Beams by fundraising from Home

Don’t let the lockdown restrictions and social distancing spoil your fun!

Now more than ever we need your support. We have come up with some exciting ways you can safely fundraise for us from your living room, street, or garden.

Select one of the ideas below or Choose Your Own challenge, either way, please register your interest HERE and let us know your plans


Coffee and Cake 

A cup of tea and homemade cake is the best therapy when you need to see a kindly face. It’s guaranteed to brighten up your day.   

Round up your friends, family, and neighbours to meet virtually and enjoy tea, cake, and a catch-up.

We even have a fabulous afternoon tea fundraising pack to get you started.


The 25 Challenge

Set yourself a challenge, anytime, anywhere involving the numbers 2 and 5.  Get fit and lose weight and look after your mental health.                                       

This could be anything from a super long dog walk to a local run the distance of a marathon or cycling with the family, walking around the garden, or setting a weight loss goal, anything is possible. People of all ages are taking on The 25 Challenge with a host of activities – from walking, running or cycling 2.5 miles, to holding online workouts with 25 friends.

Click HERE to join. 

We have even teamed up with STRAVA to record your progress so that you can share with friends, family, and sponsors. 


Birthday Facebook Fundraiser

Is your birthday coming up? We are looking for more lovely supporters to set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for us. This is so simple to do and generates vital income for our charity.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Add your birthday to your Facebook page. Facebook will then invite you to set up a Fundraiser. Select We Are Beams
2. Set a goal for how much you would like to raise
3. Tell your story
4. Set a Cover photo
5. Invite your friends to donate


Connect with our Facebook page today



Gin and Tonic or Wine Tasting event

The perfect night in with your friends. Invite one guest to randomly choose a winetaste and describe it to the others, and see if people can spot the exact same wine from their glasses. You could also contact your local wine shop, vineyard or wine merchant, many are running virtual tasting events and will deliver a variety of drinks to your door for a fee. Add a donation for Beams onto the cost for your team and enjoy it!

You could even ask for a donation of wine to raffle at the evening.

We can supply you with bunting and posters.

We advise you to -Please drink responsibly.


Bad Hair Day?

Mix up your look for Beams, change your hair colour to bright orange, hair shave, or go for the big hair chop/transformation just like Mason Mote did in July.

Either way, set up a page here and ask people to sponsor you!

Don’t forget to film it so that you can share with friends and family

Here is a film of Mason Mote fundraising with his head shave IMG_3057


 Create Your Own Challenge

A virtual kids karaoke night, chain challenge, readathon or maybe even a doorstep plant sale – anything is possible! Just make sure you remember to social distance and stay safe.


Garden Appeal – Plant a Smile

Beams have launched an appeal to fund a new garden at our respite unit, Dragon’s Retreat.

Our current garden is well used and in desperate need of repair, the wheelchair swing has broken and parts of the garden are out of action. Click HERE to find out how you can get involved and help raise funds.