In Memory Donations

Funeral and Memorial Collections

Donating in memory of someone is a meaningful and special way to pay a tribute to a loved one.

You may choose to do this by asking for donations instead of flowers at a funeral or memorial event.




Giving in Memory to Beams

By donating in memory of someone you love to Beams you will be providing funds to help support disabled children and their families in the future.

We will recognise that you have paid this tribute and will add up all the donations given in that person’s name.

We will set up a tribute fund on our system.

We can help by;

  • Providing collection envelopes that your family and friends can use to donate in lieu of flowers. These will allow us to claim gift aid to increase donations by 25% at no extra cost to you.
  • Please request collection envelopes by clicking here
  • We also have collection buckets that provide an easy way to donate.
  • For online donations, a quick and simple way for family and friends to donate is to set up a donation page from our website. You can go online here to set on up with a few simple steps.

Once all donations have been received these can be sent online via our donate page or by post to We Are Beams, Allsworth Court, 38-40 St David’s Rd, Hextable, BR8 7RJ, or T: 01322 668501 we will confirm the amount raised In Memory.

How will your Donation Help?

All donations are gratefully received and will help We Are Beams continue to provide support to children and young people with multiple learning difficulties, complex health needs, physical or sensory impairment, challenging behaviour, Autism or severe ADHD.

We support up to 450 families at any one time and need to raise £1.5 million to continue these services.

We Are Beams services are divided up into four key areas;

Short Breaks Services, Family Advice, Direct Payment and Dragon’s Retreat Respite

Download our leaflet In Memory 4pp flyer pdf 

Scarlet’s Story

One of the many children who benefit from the services at Beams is Scarlet.  She is 14 years old and has Phelan McDermid Syndrome, a rare genetic condition which means she has severe learning difficulties and restricted speech. She spends time at Beams to give her mother respite from the constant cycle of care that she needs, and Scarlet gets to enjoy doing different activities that she would never get the chance to otherwise do. She also has lots of friends, has fun, and looks forward to her time spent at Beams.

Scarlet attends Beams once a week in term time, enjoys the holiday clubs, and also stays at Dragons Retreat twice a month. Mum Sharon is so thankful to all the staff at Beams, “When Scarlet attends Beams, it not only provides me with a chance to spend quality time with my other daughter, Sienna but I also know that Scarlet is in safe hands and she is having a great time.   We see Beams as our second home, so much so, that often after school Scarlet asks to go to Beams as she enjoys it so much! The whole team are fantastic with Scarlet and her needs and she really thrives on the friendly and fun environment”

Scarlet is just one of the children that benefits from Beams services, we aim to help 450 families in Kent at any one time.