Family Advice at Christmas

We Are Beams Family Advice Service is usually the first point of contact for most parents. They do not call when they are having a good day, its often emotional and tearful and usually when the parent of a disabled child is desperate, seeking help when they feel rock bottom and have no one else to turn to.

The team provide the right advice to allow parents make the best choices for their disabled child, providing information and advice on financial matters, education, health and emotional support.

There are support groups, parental, home visits, telephone helpline and parent workshops and courses.

This year Family Advice have processed over 2000 enquiries, completed 160 telephone advice clinic sessions and 93 families accessed video support groups.

The team are there for families all year round but for some families Christmas is a particularly hard time of year, routines are changed and the general festive fun and excitement can become overwhelming for many children and leads to distress and upset.

Many families will dread this normally happy time with many of the ‘normal’ traditions feeling like demands and just increase anxiety for children.

In the months leading up to December, the team at family advice help parents to prepare for the festive season in the weekly groups, and face-to-face clinics with ideas and tactics to survive Christmas.

Tracey Sams, Family Advice Manager explains how little helpful approaches in the run up to Christmas can make a real difference for many families,

“Planning and preparation for Christmas is the key, many of our children thrive on routine and it’s important for families to understand there will be difficult times but try not to put too much pressure on themselves. Small simple adjustments such as wrapping presents in cellophane rather than paper will allow children to enjoy the fun of opening but avoid any tension.


We encourage families to stick to as normal routine as possible and let children have plenty of time and space to chill out encouraging friends and relatives to leave them alone when necessary with no pressure to join in.”

Donate to our 2021 Christmas Appeal and help us to ensure that we will be there for every family who may need our services in the future.