Apart from home help with a PA, there was very little support for this family until they were referred to Beams for respite help with Louise. Although a little younger than most staying at Dragon’s Retreat, We Are Beams did offer to take in Louisa for short stays to give mum a break.

Catherine said, “The team at Beams were amazing. They were a life-saver with all the help and knowledge that they gave through their overnight respite facility and through their direct payment team.  Louisa was offered a range of activities to develop her communication such as swimming, time in the sensory room, and she enjoyed a day trip to a local farm where she did not suffer any anxiety. The team at Beams understands our needs”

 While Louisa is at Beams Catherine can spend quality time with Harry.

 Louisa’s brother Harry was also offered a place on the inclusive holiday playschemes. He was able to access various activities and facilities that his ASD diagnosis would have excluded him from experiencing in the past. He has enjoyed activities such as bowling and sailing. 

Catherine said, “Few people understand Harry’s disabilities, but the staff at Beam have spent time getting to know him. He is really happy to go out for these fun days out”

 Catherine has received support from our Dragon’s Retreat Respite Unit, Short Break Service, Family Advice, and Direct Payment Service.