What is a Support Broker?

Support Brokers are independent and work alongside people, supporting them to plan how to live in the way they choose, a life that makes sense to them. The Support Broker will encourage people to think about what they really want, and find ways to work towards their perfect life. They work directly for the person; supporting them to stay in control, to understand and explore a full range of opportunities and to become confident to take the action needed to achieve their desired outcomes. The ultimate aim of a Support Brokers is to see people taking full control of their own lives.

How Can a Support Broker Work With You?

The ultimate aim of a Support Brokers is to see people taking full control of their own lives. Listed below are some of the functions of a Support Broker: 

• Provide information, advice and guidance relating to health and social care processes and community opportunities.

• Signpost people to the information they need, following up to check on the outcomes.

• Assist in the development of a Person-Centred Plan.

• Assist in the development of a Support Plan.

• Develop the budget of a Support Plan

• Assist with identifying and applying for funding from government and non-government sources.

• Assist with Local Authority & Health-based funding negotiations.

• Conduct research, including funding, resources and community-based opportunities.

• Identify a range of opportunities and resources within a person’s community, assist the person to find ways to access these and to make connections.

• Work alongside the person and their network of support, or assist them to build a good network of support.

• Supporting the person (and/or their family) to communicate and negotiate with service and support provider organisations – working with them to achieve an approach that is right for the person.

• Mediate and help resolve problems.

• Support to implement the Person-Centred Plan/Support Plan, including recruitment of Support Workers, Personal Assistants and agencies. 

Support Brokers are accountable to the people they work for, providing assistance as each person requires from the range of functions that fall within the scope of what a Support Broker can do (see above).

Support Brokers do not:

• have statutory authority to make decisions

• have the right or authority to talk to other people (e.g. Care Managers, Support Workers) to receive or share information about the person they are working for – without the consent of that person

• replace the role of Social Workers or Clinical Leads

The social care and health system cannot impose a requirement on Support Brokers to report back to other professionals, such as care managers; without the express consent of the person they are working alongside.

Support Brokerage does not cover the continued assistance some people require to ensure the ongoing implementation of their Support Plan.

Where ongoing support is required, Brokerage Management can help make sure the vision set out in a person’s Support Plan is continually managed towards the outcomes. Brokerage management can also help you manage your support and finances (including direct payments). 

If you would like more information, or would prefer to speak to someone directly then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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