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  • Staplehurst
  • £12 per hour GBP / Year

Description/Details of role: PA is to support a 2:1 ratio on days out with another PA, tutor or support access to arranged activities and therapies.

My child is 13 years old and is Autistic/Hyperlexic with Learning disabilities, understanding and comprehension is severely delayed, has auditory and sensory processing difficulties and vulnerable to anxiety.

Child is out of education due to having anxiety surrounding school and children, so social activities will be sought out during quiet times, when children are at school throughout the week.

Tasks: Personal tasks for child
1. Assist with days out
2. Identify child’s needs when out and provide Social and
Emotional Mental Health support for anxiety.
3. Assist with tutor in the home
4. Maybe required to take child to activities like RDA horseriding,
Aqua therapy, once a week.
5. Assist with inside activities like Baking, arts and crafts.

This is not a list of everything that I may ask you to do. I may ask you to do similar sorts of tasks which are not listed above. Provided that my request is reasonable, I
expect you to follow my instructions.

Requirements: To have a car and able to have car insurance with business use.
To have an up to date DBS that meets Direct Payment policy, this can be carried out by BEAMS.

Experience in understanding learning disabilities and Autism is beneficial and having a nurturing kind nature who is warming to children. Experience and knowledge surrounding child’s disabilities and impacting traits would be desirable..

Hours: 8 hours term time and 10 hours non term time.


Rate of Pay: £12 per hour


Contact Details: Vickie Laffan
Telephone number :07838245123 and email Vickie.louise.laffan@gmail.com


To apply for this job email your details to Vickie.louise.laffan@gmail.com