Date: 30th April 2021

Location: Maidstone

Description/Details of Role: We are looking for a PA for our son Freddie. It is for 5 hours on a Sunday morning with a 9:30-10am start. Extra hours are available in school holidays. This would involve ideally taking Freddie out for the time you have him. Freddie is a friendly, lively and fun-loving boy who loves music and singing, and being out and about at the park, soft play and the seaside.

Freddie has a diagnosis of Autism, he would need some help with personal care and struggles to communicate and function in social situations.

Rate of Pay: £8.91 per hour and additional expenses covered.

Contact Details: Call Leon (07771347850) or Mandy (07786850996) or email:


Date : 29th April 2021

Location: Hextable

Description / Details of the Role: We are looking for an additional PA to work with our 17 year old son. He has cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and epilepsy; he is chatty and likes to talk about films and anything to do with IT. He uses a wheelchair for long distances and walks short distances with a walker. The job role will include taking him out to access the community and may include trips to the gym/swimming (this will be on a two to one basis), shopping and to the cinema. The work will also include supporting him within the family home; helping him to prepare meals, engage in physio and help with personal care.

Hours are flexible but will include weekends, evenings and non-term time.

Key Skills Required: We would like someone who is confident and experienced with working with children/young adults with learning difficulties and complex needs. The ability to work within a family household is crucial.

Rate of Pay: £10.50 per hour

Contact Details: To discuss the role further please contact Lisa on 07740856550.


Date Advert Requested: 26/04/21

Location of Role: Harrietsham, just off junction 8 of the A20, near Leeds Castle.

Description / Details of the Role:

We’re looking for a special person to come and join our family as a Personal Assistant.
You would be employed by us to assist two of our children who have a disability (autism and other difficulties) with their day-to-day living. You would help them have fun in our home or out in the community whilst keeping them safe and well. Our current PA’s support the boys with activities such as arts and crafts, lego, baking, day trips and lots of other ideas that the boys have. Nerf gun wars have been pretty popular.
As a PA you will become part of the family. Although you will be employed, we have a relaxed home environment and you become friends of the family as you could be supporting the boys at birthday parties and family events, and even weddings and christenings. 
We don’t have any fixed shift patterns. It might be after school. It might be at the weekend. It might be just school holidays. As a family we are flexible. We send out a list of shifts and our PA’s choose if and when they can work. We currently have 9 hours a week during school time available. During school holidays, we have up to 24 hours a week available.

Key Skills Required:

You would need a positive personality, caring nature, energy and a calm approach when dealing with the boys.
Experience of working with kids or adults who have a disability is necessary. This could be from voluntary or paid work, or from personal experience.

Rate of Pay: £8.91 per hour. 

Contact Details:
If this sounds like something you are interested in, contact Michael & Jo by emailing or text 07541 107932. Please click HERE to visit our PA website to learn more. 


Date Advert Requested: 19/04/21

Location of Role: Ashford

Description / Details of the Role:

I am looking for a PA for 8 hours per week to support our 13 year old Son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and global developmental delay. He needs support with anxiety and challenging behaviours. The 8 hours can be worked in a flexible way as suitable for all parties.
General tasks would include, but not be limited to:
Help with School work, life skills, support to access social opportunities in the community including swimming, bowling, shopping, cinema, sports, trips to the park.

Key Skills Required:

The suitable person would need to have lots of patience and a caring attitude and experience of working with disabled children is essential. DBS clearance is required for this role but this can be arranged.

Rate of Pay: £8.91 – 9.50 per hour.

Contact Details: Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions by email


Date Advert Requested: 16/03/21

Location of Role: Ramsgate

Description / Details of Role:

We are looking for a PA to help look after our little boy. We currently get 4 hours direct payments in term time and 8 hours in the holidays, but can be flexible with how we use the hours.

Barney is almost 5 years old with a diagnosis of ASD and is non-verbal. We use Makaton signing which is something we are continuously developing with him.

Barney is a very happy, affectionate, cheeky boy who loves being outdoors, climbing,  playing with his trucks and cars, watching his favourite TV shows and films. He loves the beach and will spend ages throwing stones into the water and he loves being in the water (up to his neck so you will need to love being in the sea too!).
We are looking for someone to take Barney out, play with him, feed him and help support his development with suitable activities.

You will need your own car with business insurance, and a valid DBS.

Key Skills Required: Makaton and SEN experience.

Rate of Pay: From £8.91 per hour

Contact Details: Sarah 07852 919752


Date Advert Requested: 17/02/2021

Location of Role: Bearsted, Maidstone (Near J8 of M20).

Description / Details of the Role:

We are looking for a part-time PA for our 11-year-old daughter. She is a calm and happy person, who can walk on her own but is non-verbal, with very limited communication skills. She loves going to parks, meeting new friends, exploring and listening to nursery rhymes.

We are looking for someone mostly for school holidays but a few hours at the weekend are also possible if required.

Rate of Pay: £9.00 per hour

Contact Details: Izabella – 07769111815


Date Advert Requested: 01/02/21

Location of Role: Maidstone ME15

Description / Details of the Role:

We are looking for a PA to help look after our little boy. We get 4 hours direct payments in term time and 8 hours in the holidays, but can be flexible with how we use the hours.
Theo is 5 years old and has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Global Development Delay. He has bilateral hearing loss and is non-verbal and wears nappies day and night.
Theo is a happy, loving, active, cheeky boy who loves outdoor play, Postman Pat, messy play, swings, swimming and climbing.
Theo is able to walk short distances while holding onto adults hands; we take a buggy everywhere we go as he tires easily.
We are looking for someone to take Theo on days out, play with him, feed him and help support his development with suitable activities.
You will need your own car with business insurance, and a valid DBS.

Key Skills Required:

Makaton and SEN experience would be beneficial.

Rate of Pay: £10.00 per hour

Contact Details: Gemma 07495636311


Location: CT16 (Dover, Kent)

Description/Details of the Role: Personal Assistant

My child is 12 years of age and has a diagnosis of ADHD, OCD and ODD. My son also has complex SEN needs and can display challenging behaviours. My son is however very loving and very easily to get along with. He loves fitness and is keen to do rugby and boxing. He is currently taking part in the couch to 5k.

To provide support and assistance including overnight respite to my child to enable him to achieve his potential.

Offer respite care to my son overnight within your own home. While my son is in your care during the day or overnight, you would be asked to assist him to attend activities he likes such as rugby or boxing. While my son is with you, you will also be responsible for ensuring he eats, takes his medication, and cleans himself. I would like someone who has experience of working with children and young people with complex SEN needs so they can support my son to develop skills on how to manage his feelings.

Key skills required: good verbal and written English, good communication skills, patience, honesty, first aid trained, knowledge around ADHD/ASC, the experience of working with children with SEN needs, reliable car. Positive handling trained and de-escalation skills. We want someone who is friendly, good sense of humour, and understanding.

Rate of pay: Overnight hours are at minimum wage £8.91per hour and day rate is £11.50per an hour

Contract length and hours: subject to Direct payments funding being in place and up to a maximum of 21 hours per week

Contact Details : If you are interested in applying, please contact Direct Payments Team (Beams) office number 01322 669245 or email



Margate area

I am looking for a Personal Assistant for my 14 years old daughter Emily, in the school holidays and occasional weekend days.
You will be required to have Emily 3 to 4 days per week during the school holidays . Start times vary between 8-9am start and finish between 4-5pm. During the time you spend with Emily you will be asked to do different activities e.g go to the cinema, go shopping , take Emily to see her friends. This is to support Emily to become more independent and help her socialise with her friends. Emily is required to take a suction machine with her at all times, Emily is peg feed, training can be given for suctioning and feed machine. You would ideally have first aid training but this can be arranged. Emily is a chatty, lively young girl who loves to socialise with others. Emily has a condition called Worster drought syndrome and she is unable to swallow. You will need a car for this post.
Please email me if you have any other questions or are interested in this post.



Maidstone Area

Position Available:        Personal Assistant

Outline of role:              To provide support and assistance to my child, to enable her to achieve maximum personal benefit from their everyday life.

About My Child:            My Child is visually impaired with an undiagnosed genetic condition that affects them sitting up, rolling over, walking, talking, drinking, and eating. With 1-1 support, my child is trying to reach their goals of sitting up independently, taking steps, and learning about the world. My child loves nursery rhymes, bouncing, and funny sounds.

Rate of Pay:                     £8.91

Main Tasks:

  • Help in and out of the bed
  • Help with dressing
  • Help with showering/bathing
  • Help using the toilet or changing pads
  • Help with getting from the bed to the chair
  • Cooking and preparing meals and/or drinks
  • Support with Feeding pureed food and thickened fluids.
  • Maintaining a clean surrounding after use or completing a task. This can include soiled laundry and household cleaning/Pushchair etc.
  • Assisting my Child to participate in various social activities, as per my instructions, this may include going to physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, going shopping, attending classes, meeting friends, trips to the park etc.
  • Play Therapy at Home, Sitting rolling, playing with toys


This is not a list of everything that you may be asked you to do.

Due to the sensitive nature of this role, we will be considering female applicants only for this  post in accordance with the provisional of the Occupational Requirement (Equality Act 2010) pursuant to schedule 9 part 1.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please contact Nick McDonald and Jo Woollard On: 07958588580 / 07912143754