Make A Will Week                                                                             

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Where: Various options available including virtually

Solicitors: Thackray Williams Solicitors

Take a moment to make your Will and find peace of mind

It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do, but so many of us keep putting it off.

“Nearly everyone who comes in to make a Will says, it’s been on my to-do list for years. Generally, people think it’s very complicated, but it really isn’t” explains Andrea Kershaw who is a solicitor at our Will Week partners, Thackray Williams, who will waive their usual fee in return for a donation to We Are Beams.

A Will is vital if you wish to be certain as to who will benefit from your money and other possessions when you die.

Without a Will the law provides as to whom gets what and this may not reflect your real wishes. For example, some people incorrectly assume that on their death everything they own will automatically go to their partner. However, this is not invariably the case and making a Will guarantees your wishes will be met.

In addition, a Will allows you to specify funeral arrangements and to ensure those that you care about, especially children, are provided for and it will give you the opportunity to appoint a guardian for your children.

Having your Will professionally written may also help you to reduce Inheritance Tax.

For more information, contact our Corporate Fundraiser, Luke Cashin on 01322 668501 x 5 or email

Local firms

Contact the solicitors below during Will Week to arrange an appointment to make your Will:

Thackray Williams LLP

15 Pembroke Road
TN13 1XR
Rebecca Smith
020 8290 0440

How it works:

We have teamed up with local solicitors during our Will Week, who waive their usual fee in return for a donation to We Are Beams

From 11-15th October please contact one of our Will Week solicitors directly and quote ‘We Are Beams Will Week’ to make an appointment for your Will to be drawn up.

Each solicitor has a limited number of appointments which must be arranged during Will Week, but can take place at a later date.


Can you help to build the future of We Are Beams with a gift in your Will?

To learn more about Will Week, or for any inquiries about leaving a gift in your Will to We Are Beams, please contact our Corporate Fundraiser, Luke Cashin, on T: 01322 668501 x 5 or E: