Payroll at Christmas

We Are Beams Payroll is an important service providing a quality, uncomplicated and competitively priced service for families to pay carers and employees.

All parents in receipt of a Direct Payment Service by law must set themselves up as an employer before recruiting a PA or carer to help look after their child. They must offer salary slips, pensions, and holiday pay.

The Beams Payroll team manage the whole process for the parents from paying the PA’s, Staff and HMRC to keeping detailed records for Financial Monitoring.

Every year the payroll service continues to grow and now has a client base of nearly 600 employers.

In addition to the Payroll Service, the vast majority of accounts require Workplace pension compliance; the team also make pension payments on behalf of the employers.

Jennie and Dave, Beams Payroll Officers explains how the team supported the service users over the past year.

“Throughout the pandemic the whole team worked tirelessly to make sure Carers and PA’s were paid. We were there to support the employers through this period of uncertainty, for us it was very much business as usual”

Throughout the Christmas Break, Payroll will be working hard to make sure all the PA’s, staff and carers are paid as usual despite the bank holidays.

All profits are donated to the charity to support the services offered to disabled children and their families.

Donate to our 2021 Christmas Appeal and help us to ensure that we will be there for every family who may need our services in the future.