We support business enterprise within a local school within the areas for Dartford, Gravesham, and Sevenoaks

By taking on the enterprise challenge within your school, you will be providing your pupils with a unique opportunity to set their own goals and achieve their aspirations, whilst raising vital funds for Beams to support our work.

Why not join us and let you pupils surprise you!

Ideas for fundraising and teambuilding:

  • Organise a sports match – such as a 5-a-side football tournament
  • Organise Spelling Bee
  • Host a Fashion show to showcase handmade clothes or printed t-shirts
  • Learn some new delicious cake recipes and run a bake sale
  • Karaoke competition or Kent’s Got Talent
  • Plan an obstacle course or your own Colour Dash event

Our fundraiser will come along and speak at the assembly and will support both the teachers and the pupils in what ever you choose to do.

We can supply you with posters, leaflets, case studies, lots and ideas to keep you busy.