Support Brokerage

Supporting young people with disabilities gain independence and control of their lives and future.

We Are Beams is currently in the process of setting up a new service to further enhance the current support offered to our young people aged 16-25 years and their families.

Support Brokers act as independent facilitators working alongside the young person, supporting them to plan to live the life of their choice. They work directly for the person; supporting them to stay in control, to understand and explore a whole range of opportunities and to confidently take action to achieve their desired outcomes. The ultimate aim of a Support Broker is to see people taking full control of their own lives.

We will assist individuals to write a personalised support plan to enable them to have a voice and be included in the decisions that are made around how they will live their life. This plan could encompass their dreams and aspirations for the future including

• Where they want to live
• With whom they would like to live
• What support they will need
• How they would like that support delivered, and by whom
• What they would like to do with their life, to include activities, leisure time, hobbies, friends and family, work, further education
• Managing money to achieve best outcomes for best value

The support Broker will then help to implement and maintain the plan and can even arrange the support and manage the budget, taking much of the responsibility away from the young person and their family.

We use graphic facilitation to ensure our clients with learning disabilities are fully involved in their plan and can understand through pictures their vision of the life they would like to develop.

Enquiries about this new service should be directed to Karen Dorling, Service Manager – E: or T:07918 706601. Click HERE to download our promotional flyer.