Support Planning & Person-Centred Planning

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Support Plans and Person Centred Plans capture what is important in the person’s life, what is working well for them and also the areas of their life that they would like to change.

At Beams, we work alongside people to facilitate conversations that gather the detail for their plan, ensuring it clearly expresses  the areas of their life they wish to change and what they wish to achieve. The Plan is what helps people to stay in control and be in the driving seat of their life; and it helps everyone else to understand how that should happen.

An individualised Support Plan can start life as a blank sheet of paper. The information builds over time until the important details have been captured that truly represent the person’s wishes, including future direction, skills and interests.

Circle of Support - Support Brokerage

Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups (NHS) require people to complete a Support Plan as part of the process to access a Personal Budget or a Personal Health Budget.  Often, a template form is provided which would be completed by the individual or with support from people that you choose to have involved (such as family or close friends); and the process is coordinated by your Social Worker or Care Coordinator.

Support Brokers can assist you with developing the Support Plan, including how to use the all the resources available to you to implement the plan, your Personal Budget, Personal Health Budget, resources available in your community, grants and other income.

Beams can also help provide the continued assistance some people need with the implementation and ongoing management of their Support Plan – this is referred to as Brokerage Management.

The content of a Support Plan includes:

  • what is important
  • what needs to change and/or be achieved
  • what is working
  • what is not working
  • how the person will stay in control
  • who will make important decisions
  • how any risk or potential risk will be reduced / managed and what contingency plans will be put in place
  • how the Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget will be used
  • how the plan will be put into action after it has been approved

Reviewing Progress of Your Support Planning

We can support you with reviewing the of progress of your Support or Person-Centred Plan which helps to keep things on track, by holding regular review meetings.

The frequency of the review meetings will be up to each individual and this can change depending on what is happening in their life at any particular time. 

Click HERE to see Sample Support Plan

How Much Does Support and Person-Centred Planning Cost?

The cost of Support Planning is determined by the level of work involved. Each person’s circumstances are different. We start with a conversation to learn more about what you need help with and how we can support you.

There is a charge for all Brokerage Management work carried out by Beams after this initial conversation.

These services may be funded from the Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget and sometimes it can be covered through other avenues of funding. As part of our initial chat with you, we will explore funding options available to cover the cost of our support.

If you would like more information, or would prefer to speak to someone directly then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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