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  • £11.44 per hour GBP / Year

Rate of pay: £11.44 per hour


Current Hours: 8 hours term time and 16 hours during holiday time, these will be divided between two PA’s.


Outline of Role: To provide support, assistance and safety to my mentally and physically disabled child (Currently 11). Enable her to achieve maximum personal benefit from everyday life. Hours will be flexible and may require weekends and occasional evenings.


Responsible to:

1.    Help in an emergency situation i.e. epilepsy medication/escalation to emergency services

2.    Help with feeding and drinking, be aware of choking and aspiration risks (dysphagia)

3.    Help with communication with a VOCA and makaton signing

4.    Help with interaction e.g Toys/Drawing/Crafts/Music/Play/Baking

5.    Help with dressing and Undressing (If needed)

6.    Help with interacting with others that have greater physical dexterity

7.    Help with positioning, either specialist chairs, wheelchair, walker, splints or with the aid of a mobile hoist.

8.    Help using the toilet or changing pads

9.    Help with assessing daily life which would otherwise not be possible

10.  Help with going out and accessing different services/places and new things

11.  Helping with learning and understanding the world around us


General tasks – on a regular basis, as requested by me:

1.    Interacting with my daughter and engaging her with new and existing activities

2.    Playing with my daughter so that she is entertained

3.    Making sure my Daughter is safe whilst eating and drinking

4.    Encouraging drinking and feeding where appropriate

5.    Giving her physical assistance and support getting, in and out of chairs, walkers, splints, wheelchair and car

6.    Changing pads if soiled or wet, or cleaning up soiled areas.

7.    Making sure she is safe at all times


Social activities – as and when I ask:

Assisting my daughter to participate in various activities, as per my instructions, this may include going shopping, attending classes, meeting friends, day trips, going to the park and keeping her active whilst being in family situations. Looking after her while her parents have some respite together.


This is not a list of everything that I may ask you to do. I may ask you to do similar sorts of tasks which are not listed above. Provided that my request is reasonable, I expect you to follow my instructions.

Please apply by calling 07754257649

Or Email: mandy.robinson006@gmail.com


To apply for this job email your details to mandy.robinson006@gmail.com