Parents Consortium has changed its name to BEAMS.

This year we have celebrated our 20th Anniversary which is a major milestone. However, the last couple of years has been a constant challenge to find and generate available funding to offer our range of services to those that need them.

This year we were awarded a lottery grant and a part of that was to conduct an organisational review on our strengths and weakness as a business by an independent and highly respected and qualified consultant.

One of the results of the review was that our name did not signify that our primary focus was disabled children.

  • Donors on occasions did not consider the charity for donations due to lack of understanding who we are.
  • We have been interpreted as a Parents Association from a school.
  • Local people were not aware of what we offered to disabled children and families.
  • Trusts and Foundations have been slow to react to our appeals.

An agency called Pillory Barn stepped forward to offer their services to the charity to develop and create a name change and re-brand.

After staff, volunteers and trustee consultations we have arrived with the branding and name shown below.

Our thought process was:

Beams creates:

  • Good emotions
  • Is a positive word

Our logo is beaming. People thought of the sunshine, happiness, bright colours, a ray of light etc

Children can relate to the logo as a symbol of what we offer.

Our new website will be as this shows we are proud to shout from the rooftops who we are and what we represent.

Our colours are purple and orange and this branding will identify our charity and its purpose in all communications.

Why not get involved and call us on 01322 668501 or email


We Are Beams
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01322 668501


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