We Are Beams

Ruby’s Story

“I feel contented that Ruby is safe and well looked after when she is there.”

Jon and Jane’s daughter Ruby, has a diagnosis of Angelman’s Syndrome. This genetic disorder causes development delay, intellectual disability, seizures, and problems with movement. Whilst Ruby is a happy and excitable girl, caring for her can be exhausting.

The family need breaks from caring; to recharge their batteries and to spend time with their two other children.

Leaving your child with anyone is hard, but leaving your disabled child with someone overnight can feel impossible. There are concerns about safety, accessibility of facilities and whether the people looking after them will be qualified to do so.

When Ruby was 4 years old, her family came to We Are Beams. For the last 10 years, Ruby has enjoyed breaks at our Dragon’s Retreat Respite Overnight care. Our centre is completely accessible, staffed by professionals and mostly importantly – is fun!

“Ruby loves to play with others particularly in the soft playroom where she can bury herself in the ball pit and enjoys the sensory therapies in the cabin in the garden.”

A night away at Dragon’s Retreat is enriching, fun, safe and accessible. Ruby’s family can leave her there to get the break they need, safe in the knowledge that she will be happy and safe.

“Ruby enjoys her stays with We Are Beams, the staff are amazing.”

Ruby's Story