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Tishe’s Story

“The support Beams has given my family, through helping us find a specialist school, and finding a Personal Assistant has been life changing. Beams has made our family feel like we are not alone and gives us confidence that Tishe will be able to reach his full potential” Tishe’s mum, Elizabeth

Tishe, is a vibrant, energetic 6-year-old boy who faces significant
challenges due to his diagnoses of ASD, Global Development Delay, and ADHD. He is part of a loving family and lives alongside his twin sister and parents.

Tishe is non-verbal so often gets frustrated when he cannot
communicate his needs, as a result, he can hit out and often his sister and mum are caught up in this frustration.

Day-to-day life can be very challenging and unpredictable for Tishe’s family; he needs lots of extra attention and support with all his personal care. He is very clingy so consumes a lot of his parents time, affecting his sister’s access to the same level of attention.

Unfortunately, the family have been unable to find Tishe a place at a suitable SEN school. This has all caused the family a lot of stress and Tishe is missing important education to enable him to develop and thrive.

As a family, they are unable to take part in normal family activities such as going to a cinema or restaurant. Tishe is unable to sit still for long and has sensory processing difficulties so noise and crowds are overwhelming. The family had been searching for a suitable holiday club for Tishe, he is very active and enjoys being outdoors but sadly could not find a suitable placement would accept him due to additional needs, until the family heard about We Are Beams through the school.

Beams set about quickly supporting Tishe and his family through the Family Advice, Short Breaks and Direct Payment Services.
Our expert Family Advisors have been able to navigate the family through their rights of finding a suitable school plus providing access to training and parent support groups. These have helped the family feel less isolated and they have gained useful coping strategies and knowledge to understand more about Tishe’s
additional needs.

The Direct Payments team have assisted the family to find a personal assistant for Tishe for a few hours a week to allow his parents to spend quality time with their daughter.

Beams have been able to make a real difference for Tishe and his family; he has joined the holiday clubs and experienced fun activities whilst building his socialisation and interactional skills.

He also has enjoyed Beams parties where he has been able to feel free and does not feel over whelmed or an outsider.

Tishe’s story is a great example of how families facing significant
challenges with their child’s disabilities can find hope and
improvement with the right kind of support.

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A photo Tishe who is a child who accesses Beams services.