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Spencer’s Story

 “I am so pleased that Spencer has been able to attend Beams, he loves being outside and really enjoys his time in the sensory garden. For us as a family, every day is a worry for Spencer but when he attends Beams I can totally relax as I know he feels safe and trusts the support workers.”

Spencer is eight years old has Autism and struggles with sensory issues, routine and new places. He is part of a very close happy family and has three older siblings.

He has dysphagia (unsafe to swallow) so is peg fed all liquids and is classed as “Failing to Thrive” and is on a high calorie feed via a pump.He also suffers from Chiari Malformation, which affects his balance and causes pain in his feet and arms, he takes many medications every day to help with pain and keep him healthy.

Despite all these challenges Spencer is a happy loving little boy, but day-to-day life can be very challenging for the family especially for Spencer’s siblings.

He needs lots of attention and extra care due to his additional needs, and is not currently at school. This has made him become extremely attached to his mother and suffers a high level of anxiety when away from her.

The family first heard about Beams through Spencer’s consultant and his social worker and invited to visit Beams for sensory play in the new garden.

At first, Spencer would not leave his mum Sarah’s side, but over 5-6 weeks of short visits, Spencer’s confidence grew significantly, and now with the support of the experienced Short Break team is able to stay for the whole day of Kids Camp activities.

This is a fantastic achievement and has allowed Sarah to relax in the knowledge that Spencer is having fun but importantly, he is safe and all his needs are being cared for.

Whilst Spencer is at Beams Sarah has been able to spend quality time her other children, or just enjoy some time to be herself.

Beams have been able to make a real difference for Spencer and his family, his independence is continuing to grow and now regularly attends Beams holiday clubs. The family are also receiving weekly support from the Family Advice team.

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Spencer's Story